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State of Colorado - Department of Motor Vehicle



Special Plate Fees:
  • Armed forces, Specialty and Alumni $50.00 one time fee.
  • Designer plates $50.00 first year, $25.00 every year thereafter.

Personalized Plates:


  • Submit an application to the Colorado Department of Revenue, who will approve or deny your request.  If your request is approved you will receive a bill for the application fee.  When you pay the application fee, the plate will be manufactured and sent to the Morgan County Motor Vehicle office in Fort Morgan.  You will be notified when your plate is received.


  • Designer issued to passenger and light trucks (less than 16,000 pounds).  Application fee is $60.00; additional annual fee is $85.00.
  • Regular (green and white): issued to passenger vehicles, motor homes, motorcycles, trailers, and all types of trucks.  Application fee is $60.00; additional annual fee is $25.00.
  • Street Rod:  issued to vehicles manufactured in 1948 or prior with a body design that has been modified for safe road use. Application fee is $60.00; additional annual fee is $25.00.
  • Call Letter (amateur or commercial):  issued to passenger vehicles and light trucks less than 10,000 pounds).  Submit a photocopy of your license issued by the FCC.  Application fee is $2.00 Amateur, $5.00 Commercial; additional annual fee is $2.00 Amateur, $5.00 Commercial.
  • English alphabet only (upper case)
  • English numbers
  • Blank spaces, periods, and dashes are allowed
  • Six character for motorcycle plates (spaces, periods and dashes count for a character)
  • Seven characters for all other types (spaces, periods and dashes count for a character)
  • Minimum of five characters for a plate with numbers only
  • Minimum of two characters for any combination of letters and numbers
  • No refunds will be issued if you decide not to use the plate
  • The county will hold the plate for 12 months.  If the plate is not registered to a vehicle, then it will be available for reissue.
  • See the application for combinations not allowed


































Contact the Morgan County Motor Vehicle Division by e-mail at:

Contact Us



County Clerk & Recorder

Susan L. Bailey


Morgan County Clerk & Recorder's Office
231 Ensign St., P.O. Box 1399
Fort Morgan, CO 80701
Phone: 970-542-3521
Fax: 970-542-3525


Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM MST





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