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Guidelines for Duplicate/Lost Titles:

To apply in person

  • A duplicate title is required when the original has been lost, stolen, mutilated or destroyed
  • The cost for a duplicate title is $8.20
  • The title may be printed if the person making application is an owner of the vehicle, has a power of attorney for the person who owns the vehicle, is a representative of the lienholder or has been appointed by a Court document
  • If the original title is found, please destroy, as it is no longer valid.  The duplicate title now becomes the original 
  • Only the owner of record or the lien holder of record can apply for a duplicate title.  If you are not the owner, a motor vehicle notarized power of attorney (click on “Forms”) signed by the owner is required
  • If there are multiple owners on the title, one of the owners can obtain a duplicate title
  • If a title has a lien showing on it, the duplicate title must be mailed to the lien holder.  The only exceptions to the rule are if the applicant has a release of lien from the lien holder, the lien has expired or the lien says, “not filed in Colorado”. If your title was issued by another state, please contact that state
  • If you are planning to come into any Motor Vehicle Office located in Colorado you may download the form DR2413 [pdf}, an application for duplicate title.  You may bring or mail this application into the office with the correct fees and a copy of your proper form of identification
  • If you have moved from  Morgan County or the State of Colorado, you can access the State of Colorado web page and download form DR2539a [pdf] two copies of which will need to be submitted to the Department of Revenue along with the appropriate fees to the address on the form

Acceptable forms of proper identification are as follows:

  • A current state issued Driver’s license or ID card
  • A military ID card
  • A Passport
  • An authorization to work in the United States card
  • Out-of-state or other country drivers license with proper documentation

When purchasing a vehicle from a private party, the following paperwork is required:


A title properly transferred from seller to buyer.

  • If your title is with a lien holder, then a bill of sale, insurance on the new vehicle, and proof of ownership from previous owner will allow you to receive a temporary registration/tag
  • If the title is not a Colorado title, you will need to get a VIN verification.  A VIN verification is available from any licensed Colorado emissions testing station, a licensed Colorado motor vehicle dealer or a Colorado law enforcement officer (you will need to supply them with a form)
  • Older Colorado titles may require a notary.  If the title has a spot for a notary to sign, it needs to be notarized or a Statement of Transfer (in lieu of notarization of Colorado title), Form DR2445 needs to be filled out

A Bill of Sale

  • A bill of sale is not necessary if the vehicle title provides a place to write the purchase price and the purchase date.  See Forms

An odometer statement is required if the vehicle is newer than 10 year old:

  • Most titles provide a place for the odometer reading
  • If the title does not provide such a place, a Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form #2173 would need to be purchased.

If you have a lien on the vehicle you will need a security agreement/loan agreement.  The security agreement must list:

  • Description of the vehicle including year, make and VIN
  • Total mount of payments (amount of lien)
  • Signature in ink, carbon or copy, stamped as true copy of original
  • Lien holder’s name and address

A certified weight slip will need to be submitted when titling a truck that weighs between 4500 lbs. and 10,000 lbs.

  • If the truck has a Colorado title, or an out of state title that shows the weight, a weight slip is not necessary
  • The same applies for a motor home

If you have plates you wish to transfer, bring your registration and plates from the old vehicle:

  • Colorado plates remain with the customer Not the vehicle. 
  • If a vehicle is sold or traded, license plates should be removed. 
  • A pro-rata portion of the registration fees may be credited toward the same owner’s purchase of a new vehicle, provided the registration has not expired at the time of the credit request
  • Bring in your old plates, your registration and proof of sale or trade-in date to receive credit and/or use plates.





















































Contact the Morgan County Motor Vehicle Division by e-mail at:

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